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Registration Information

All San Marcos Academy students, whether new or returning, must complete the registration process before starting classes at SMA.

Students who enroll after the first day of school will need to plan a registration date with the admissions office. For boarding students, the date of registration will also include moving into the dormitory.

Middle and Upper School Students should have a recent physical examination (signed by a physician) to leave on file in the school health center at the time of registration. Our physical examination form can be printed and given to your student’s physician. Lower School Students must have a Medical Certificate signed by a physician.

Additional registration forms are posted below in the Q & A section. These completed forms will be required at the time of your child’s registration.


Questions and Answers


Uniforms and Supplies

Purchasing School Uniforms

SMA sells some uniform items on campus, while others must be purchased through our online uniform provider, FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. A few basic items can be purchased through a retail store such as Target or Wal-Mart. Please visit our Uniforms Page to view a list of uniform requirements and for information on how to order items through the FlynnO’Hara website. Items sold through our own SMA Bookstore or in our Bear Outfitters uniform shop may be purchased during registration or by appointment with the bookstore manager. Call or email Alyssa Clutter (512-753-8026) for any uniform questions.

Packing for the Dormitory

Please view our dormitory room check list to see which items we recommend for your boarding student.

Purchasing Books and Supplies

Books, e-books and school supplies may be purchased during your student’s registration at our school bookstore. See the school supply lists posted below or call or email Alyssa Clutter (512-753-8026) for any questions about school supplies or books.

School Supply Lists

School supply lists for K-5 and Middle School are located below. For your convenience, these supplies are available for purchase at our school store, The Sabre.

Kindergarten Supply List
First Grade Supply List
Second Grade Supply List
Third Grade Supply List
Fourth Grade Supply List
Fifth Grade Supply List
Middle School Supply List

Note: We do not have a supply list for Upper School students. Their supplies will vary from class to class, and teachers will let students know of any specific requirements . Upper School students must have a laptop and should bring it with them to registration. 


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