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Registration Information

All San Marcos Academy students must complete the registration process before starting classes at SMA. Students enrolling after the first week of school will arrange a registration date through the Admissions Office. The process generally take 1-2 hours to complete. Below are helpful links and Q&A’s to make your student’s registration process flow as smoothly as possible.


“Our registration process was easy and informative. Everyone was so helpful and kind. I was afraid we wouldn’t have all the documents, but I was fully prepared thanks to your kind information beforehand. Our daughter was so happy and though we both shed a tear when we parted, I left her in good hands and felt even more assured God lead us to the right place. Thank you again.”

–New Upper School Parent

Medical Forms

Several health forms must be turned in to the Student Health Center at registration Parents are encouraged to print and complete these forms ahead of time. All students (grades K-12) must also have a recent physical examination completed by a physician. Click one of the boxes below to download and print the medical forms your student must have, including the physical examination form. 

Medical Forms: Lower School Students

Medical Forms: Boarding Students

TAPPS/Rank One Registration: Grades 6-12

For students in grades 6-12 who will participate in sports or fine arts competitions, parents should complete the online registration process for TAPPS Eligibility and Rank One. View the guide for instructions (see box below).

TAPPS – Rank One Eligibility

Additional Services

Following are links to some additional services we offer at San Marcos Academy. 

SMA Shuttle Service for K-12


Questions and Answers


Uniforms and Supplies

Purchasing Books and Supplies

Books, e-books and school supplies may be purchased during your student’s registration at our school bookstore. Call or email Alyssa Clutter (512-753-8026) for any questions about school supplies or books.

School Supply Lists

Most of the required supplies on the lists posted below are available for purchase at our school store, The Sabre, and can be purchased during registration in the fall. Upper School students will not have a specific supply list as their supplies will vary from class to class. Upper School students do need to provide a laptop for school use.

Pre-K Supply List
Kindergarten Supply List
1st Grade Supply List
2nd Grade Supply List
3rd Grade Supply List
4th/5th Grade Supply List
Middle School Supply List

*Upper School Students will need to bring a fully charged laptop to school each day for their classwork. Students do not need to bring the laptop to registration but should have it on the first day of school for notetaking and finding links to their online textbooks in some classes. Teachers will advise students of any other supplies they may need for class. 

Purchasing School Uniforms

SMA sells some uniform items on campus, while others must be purchased through our online uniform provider, FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. A few basic items can be purchased through a retail store such as Target or Wal-Mart. Please visit our Uniforms Page to view a list of uniform requirements and for information on how to order items through the FlynnO’Hara website. Items sold through our own SMA Bookstore or in our Bear Outfitters uniform shop may be purchased during registration or by appointment with the bookstore manager. Call or email Alyssa Clutter (512-753-8026) for any uniform questions.

Packing for the Dormitory

Please view our dormitory room check list to see which items we recommend for your boarding student.


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