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The Academy Experience

The Academy Experience

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With alumni that are actively committed to the transformational Academy Experience, each student is invited to participate in this legacy of excellence that started as a vision for better Christian education in 1907. Each student has a place in the SMA community.  As a top boarding program in Texas, our desire is to see each student develop as a whole person: mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. To encourage this growth, we provide sports teams, clubs, organizations, and ministry opportunities for students.

Through opportunities like Corp of Cadets and Student Council, students can develop and test their leadership skills. On the track, the field or in the gym, students can discover what is at the edge of their limits. Each member of the SMA community experiences transformation within this nurturing community dedicated to exemplifying Christ’s devotion to service and His compassionate concern for others.

Student Organizations

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  • Corp of Cadets

    For more than 100 years, San Marcos Academy has provided a leadership training program rooted in the values and traditions of the U.S. military. For the 2020-21 school year, the Academy will change our leadership program from a Junior ROTC unit to a school-sponsored military leadership program with a Corps of Cadets.

    Much of what we will offer students through our SMA Corps of Cadets program will be identical to what we offered through Junior ROTC. Upper School Cadets will continue to enroll in credit-bearing Military Leadership classes that will follow the same curriculum offered in JROTC. The courses will be taught by LTC David Jaillite, U.S. Army, Ret., who has previously served as Director of the U.S. Army’s Logistics University. Students in the program will still receive Junior ROTC credit on their transcripts and the courses will apply toward the Public Service Endorsement on their diploma. Additionally, we are still able to recommend student in the program for an appointment to military academies.
  • Student Council

    The Student Council is the central organization for advocating all student requests and organizing student participation in SMA activities. It is the primary catalyst for facilitating student input as it relates to school and residence hall improvements.
  • NHS and NJHS

    The Sigma Mu Alpha chapter of the National Honor Society is the local SMA chapter of this international organization. NHS members are in grades 10 through 12 and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or higher to be considered for membership. Prospective members must have been at the Academy for at least one semester.
  • Dorm Council

    Dorm Council is made up of boarding students and is designed to give the students a voice in boarding operations as they represent all students in the boarding program. They learn leadership skills as well as organizational skills while planning activities for those in the Residence Hall.
  • Leo Club

    LEOs are the youngest members of Lions Clubs International. LEO stands for leadership, experience and opportunity. Members of the LEO Club are a dynamic force for good in the community, where they partner with the parent Lions Club to provide service to others.
  • Student Ambassadors

    The Student Ambassador Program gives upper school students the opportunity to have an active role in hospitality activities at SMA. Members are selected as goodwill ambassadors and are highly respected representatives of the Academy.
  • Junior State of America

    Junior State of America is an organization open to Upper School dedicated to strengthening American democracy through civic duty, conversation, and debate.
  • Student Recreation Organization

    The Student Recreation Organization is intended to be led by students, for students. The Student Rec hosts weekly activities and monthly events at the Rec Center in which students can engage and participate after school. Activities include, but not limited to, board games, karaoke, card games, arts and crafts, and holiday-themed events.
  • International Thespian Society

    A division of the Educational theatre Association, the International Thespian Society is an honor society for theatre students. The SMA troupe is for upper school students who complete the designated quantity and quality of work in the theatre arts program.
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