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Learning Resource Center

Welcome to San Marcos Academy Learning Resource Center! Here you will find access to all the resources SMA has to help with your research needs as well as materials for recreational reading. For more information about your private boarding school library, contact Mrs. Robbins at or (512)753-8050 with any inquiries.

The physical library is open Monday-Thursday 7:45-4:15 and Fridays from 7:45-3:15, but students have access to digital materials 24/7.

To access Ebooks through OVERDRIVE, use the button below on this page or click here. The username for your account is your last name and first initial.

BookFair 2020

Celebration Book Program

The SMA library staff is pleased to announce the launch of the Celebration Book Program. Through this program, you can make a donation of $25 to the library fund for a book to be selected and placed in the library in honor of your SMA student. A permanent nameplate with the student’s name will be placed in the front of the book. Your gift will not only commemorate your child’s time at the Academy, but will also add enriching materials to the SMA Library Collection for others to enjoy. Books may be chosen from the approved lists (please see the links below). To purchase a Celebration Book, use the payment link below, and for assistance, send an email to Mrs. Robbins, our librarian.


Other Resources:

Infobase Publishing eBooks

username: smba | password: bears

Willingham Digital Library

username: sma | password: bears

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Research and Writing Guides

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