Custodians: Working Hard to Keep SMA Campus Clean

School Updates

Often underappreciated and overlooked, the Academy’s custodial staff was recognized during chapel Monday, Oct. 3, for National Custodial Workers Recognition Day.

Students often do not realize how hard our custodians work week in and week out, picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, cleaning windows, and taking care of minor building maintenance and repairs. With a campus that includes nine buildings on 220 acres of land, there is always something to clean! The job can be an especially challenging one on rainy days, when the custodians spend much of their time cleaning up all the mud and dirt that students track into the hallways.

SMA has seven wonderful custodians who take care of our facilities. One of them is Estella Navarro, who has been part of the Academy staff for 17 years. Estella works in the laundry department during part of the day and then cleans Davidson Hall, our middle school building.

In the girls and boys dormitories are Martha Rodriguez and Leticia Amanza. Martha has been with the Academy for four years and is assigned to the boys dormitory, while Leticia is new to the Academy this year and is assigned to the girls dorm.

Margaret Mendoza has been part of the Academy family for seven years. She takes care of all the cleaning needs in Carroll Hall, including the Purple Lounge, Shultz Lecture Hall and the administrative offices.

In the Kokernot Gym, our custodian is Vincent Piñeda, who has been with SMA for six years. His counterpart in the Jamail Gym is Blanca Hurt, who has been at the Academy for three years and also cleans the Robinson Christian Center.

Rounding out the crew is Paul Castro, one of our new custodians, who cleans up in the high school building, Cavness-Reed Hall.

Thank you to all of these members of our SMA family for their dedication to the Academy. Students, please show your appreciation to these hard-working men and women when you see them on campus and don’t make their job any harder than it already is! Let’s show respect to our custodians by picking up after ourselves and doing our part to keep our campus clean.