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The San Marcos Academy Boarding School is open for boys and girls from grades 6-12 in the San Marcos Texas area. Representing a number of different countries, U.S. states and Texas cities, our boarding students benefit from the nurturing, structured and comfortable environment of our residence halls, where our dorm parents and staff provide supervision and mentoring by forming relationships with the students in their care. Through the boarding experience, students can develop time management, independence, teamwork and other valuable life skills that will serve them well after graduation.

The Academy offers two boarding options: the traditional 7-day boarding program or the 5-day boarding program,  designed for families residing within a 70-mile radius of the Academy campus. Our residence halls are open every weekend and on most holidays. The exceptions are Thanksgiving week, Christmas/New Year’s break and Spring Break (Note: we can assist in scheduling a home stay for international students during these three holiday breaks).

For more information on San Marcos Academy and what we have to offer, contact our admissions office at 512-753-8000 (800-428-5120). To learn more about the benefits of a Texas boarding school experience, explore some of the links below:

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