PreK Program


PreK Program

The transformative Academy experience begins in the PreK 3 and PreK 4 program. It is here that the roots for life-long learning and discipleship begin to grow.

Utilizing the Deep Roots bible curriculum alongside the TfT model, the framework that will guide students throughout their academic careers is established.

Vertical Alignment with the Kindergarten curriculum provides the foundation for success in and out of the classroom as each child begins their academic journey. Through a combination of lessons and interactive centers, each child is encouraged to develop their math and language skills. Additionally weekly music, art, and physical education lessons contribute to the transformational curriculum that begins in PreK and culminates at High School graduation.

With small classroom sizes, community along with the curriculum is developed. Each child becomes a member of the tight-knit SMA community. Not only does each child have a place in the community, but each child is positioned to learn their place in God’s story.
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