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Former Student Dr. Robert Bruce Reed Becomes President

Dr. Robert Bruce Reed, formerly superintendent of the Alamo Heights School District in San Antonio, Texas, assumed the office of president on July 17, 1947. At the age of five, Dr. Reed had accompanied his father to the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone of Carroll Hall. 
He later attended the Academy in 1918-1919 and is the only former student to serve as president our prestigious international boarding school in Texas.

In 1948, the Chamber of Commerce of San Marcos purchased approximately three acres of land and donated it to the Academy for the purpose of erecting a dormitory for boys. It was opened in September, 1949, and named in honor of Mrs. L. W. Alexander, then president of the Board of Trustees. Abney Hall, another dormitory for boys, was dedicated in October, 1952. This building was named in honor of the late Dean Emeritus, J. E. Abney. September 15, 1955, was the date of the formal opening of Elizabeth Kokernot Hall, a dormitory for girls. This building was named in honor of Mrs. Herbert Kokernot, Sr., whose husband and son served the Academy faithfully as trustees and were generous in their support.
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