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Presidency Passes To Prof. Thomas G. Harris

As successor to Dr. Carroll in 1911, the Board of Trustees turned to one of their own charter members, Professor Thomas G. Harris, who had served as president of the Southwest Texas Normal School, now Texas State University. 
During Dr. Harris’ administration, the Academy was placed on the list of accredited schools by the Secondary Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

In 1913, the Board of Trustees created the position of Vice President and Field representative. Dr. B. A. Copass was chosen for this position to raise funds to liquidate the indebtedness against the Academy. He served as a solicitor for both money and students, and it was largely due to his service that the Academy’s indebtedness of $110,105 was liquidated. When President Harris terminated his five-year administration in January, 1916, prospects for the future of the Academy were bright.
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