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Uniforms at SMA

San Marcos Academy requires students to wear uniforms to school on a daily basis. Occasionally, students will have the opportunity to wear “SMA Casual” attire rather than the daily uniform. Any uniform change or privilege will be announced in advance.

JROTC cadets generally wear a Battle Dress Uniform (BDU camouflaged fatigues) or Class B dress uniform to classes on most Mondays. These uniforms are issued through the JROTC Department at no charge to students.

To ensure consistency of styles, colors, and overall quality, the bulk of the student uniform items must be purchased from FlynnO’Hara Uniforms Company.  Items can be purchased from FlynnO’Hara through their SMA landing page.

Additional uniform items may be purchased on our campus from the SMA Bookstore, The Sabre, and the uniform supply store, Bear Outfitters. Some uniform items may be purchased from a retail store of your choice. Please view the uniform requirement lists posted below. These provide the items your student will need for the school year.

Special Occasion Dress Approval

Upper and Middle School girls are required to have their dresses for special Academy events (Homecoming dances, Homecoming Court, Military Ball, and Prom) approved by the school Dress Committee. All dresses must be approved by the announced deadline for each event. Girls may send photos of themselves wearing the dress via a Google Form (see link below). The dress committee will confirm if the dress is approved, denied, or needs to be seen in person. The pictures must show the front with arms up, back, sides, and full body to check the length. 

Google Form for Photo Submission

Dress Guidelines

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