Tech Training: SMA’s 5-Year Plan
Technology Teachings from a Private Boarding School in Texas

Starting in the Fall, 2018 semester, the Academy’s tech staff shared the Strategic IT plan with faculty and academic staff.  This five-year plan outlines the progress SMA will take as we step up our use of technology and tech training both for teachers and staff.  

Tech Training: From Lower to Upper School

A Kindergarten student uses a computer in a lab.
Technology in the kindergarten class

Professional learning training started briefly in December, and will progress through the Spring 2019 semester. This technology and digital based training will help our staff become technologically sound. Training will be across the board, from our kindergarten teachers though our college prep course instructors.  

SMA believes in developing a culture of continuous learning. This involves building confidence in our teachers and adding value to student learning. Additionally, we are aligning our professional growth with the Texas Education Agency, who approves the accreditation of our school. Guidelines for staff development are accomplished through the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, better known as the TEKS. A requirement of schools following their guidelines is that the administration supply educators with tech training and digital learning.

Tech Training: Becoming a Google Campus

tech training 2
SMA has a 1:1 laptop campus for Upper School students

One of the first goals at SMA is to become a cloud-based, Google campus. A while back, we established Google email across campus. Teachers are also embracing the many applications that Google for Education makes available to educational institutions free of charge. The advantage of cloud-based computing is that files become portable. With portability comes accessibility from any location that provides an internet connection and on any existing devices.

During this semester, we will offer tech training to our teachers and staff in some basic Google applications, beginning with Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Classroom. Plans are underway for the next school year to give emphasis to each of these apps. We will also introduce other apps and also delve more in depth to each one.

This semester promises to be a busy pathway to our school’s becoming a “Google” campus.  

Editor’s Note: Our IT staff is always busy and productive . . . see what they were doing two years ago!