Summer Vacation: Don’t Waste a Minute of It!

With the end of the school year approaching and summer vacation just around the corner thoughts about how to spend that glorious time are filling the heads of high school students. Most can’t wait to set aside the books, the lectures and all that homework. You have worked hard this year and like MacDonald’s says, “You deserve a break today”.

Will you be taking a trip to some exotic location or historic site? Will you be spending time at the beach or do you just plan on taking it easy around the home and spending time with friends? Whatever your plans are keep in mind that your brain is like your muscles; don’t let it get flabby during the summer. Makes sure that you take the time to exercise your brain! Before you know it summer will be over and you will find yourself back in class. Has your brain stagnated by not being used for three months?

How to you make certain your brain is ready for the rigors of school work in the fall? Here are a few tips on how to make those summer months worthwhile and have you ready for the next school year.

Maintain Your Schedule

To begin with make sure that you keep in on a regular routine. During the school year you were up early, eating breakfast and then off to class. Keep up that routine by getting up early each day and starting off with a good breakfast. Do a search on the internet for “what is the most important meal of the day” and you will find hundreds of sites that talk about breakfast being the most important and the evidence of how it helps with getting your metabolism working and helps to cut down on those cravings for unhealthy snacks between meals

Keep up with Current Events

Take the time to read a newspaper or check out the news on the web. Make sure you look at local, national and world news to keep yourself up on what is happening in the world. It only takes a few minutes each day to check on the news so make it one of those things that you make part of your daily routine.

Visit a cultural or historic locale

Don’t just spend your time hanging out at the mall with friends. Take the time to visit a historic site, attend a cultural event or visit a museum to expand your horizons. These should not be looked at as an assignment but rather a chance to learn something new.

Read something every day

The best thing to do is to pick up a good book and devote an hours or so each day to reading. Reading stimulates the brain while at the same time can introduce you to new and exciting people, places and historic events. Even a fiction book or a humorous book helps to stimulate the brain so don’t forget about reading daily. Students returning to SMA in the fall (or new students) can check out the summer reading for their grade level on the SMA website and dig in to these assignments!

Have Fun–it’s Summer Vacation!

Remember that this is your vacation, so make sure it includes time for you to simply have fun and enjoy yourself. In addition to keeping your mind sharp and active, you also need to include time for it to relax and think about silly or fun things so make sure you take time to enjoy yourself. The new school year will be here soon enough.

Hopefully you will have had a great time during the summer and return to school refreshed and ready for another year. If you have remembered to keep your brain in shape during the summer, you will find that the first few weeks of getting back into the swing of school work are much easier than you thought possible.

–By Harold Compton, Guest Blogger