SRO Joins SMA Safety Team

During the first chapel of the spring semester January 7, students will be introduced to the Academy’s new School Resource Officer (SRO), Deputy Daniel Weber. Deputy Weber joins the Academy staff following the retirement of Michael Smith as Campus Safety Officer. Mr. Smith served two years as Safety Officer for SMA and played a significant role in upgrading the school’s campus safety program

SRO: Putting Safety First

As SRO, Deputy Weber will be responsible for the safety of the students, staff, faculty and visitors at the Academy. He will also supervise the Standard Response Protocol drills on campus and will be available to attend many of the after-school events at SMA. He will also provide training in safety procedures for staff and students.


Deputy Weber joined the Hays County Sheriff’s Office four years ago. He has served the county as a patrol deputy and as a bailiff and security officer at the Hays County Justice Center. Deputy Weber is also an instructor for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University, which was named the National Standard in Active Shooter Response Training by the FBI in 2013. 

Prior to joining the Sheriff’s Office, Weber served four years in the Marine Corps in the Second Battalion, Eighth Marines out of Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. He completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan during that time. Following his military service, Weber worked as safety officer for a gun range in Virginia. He then moved to Texas to join the Hays County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Weber is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

SRO: Open Door Policy

“My office door will always be open, and I look forward to getting to know all the students this year and as many of the parents as I can,” Deputy Weber said. “I want the students to understand I am not here to get them in trouble, but to make sure they stay safe while at school. The Academy has a beautiful campus, an attentive and caring faculty and a very effective safety program. As SRO, I hope to add another tier to that program.”

On Wednesday, students in the Upper School will attend two training sessions, co-led by Deputy Weber, Deputy Sirenna Cumberland and our campus ministers, Monica and Clint Followell. The presentation will focus on the responsible use of electronic devices and will open discussion with the students about improper texting/picture messaging from cell phones and the consequences of such behavior. The presentation will also include information on the dangers of electronic cigarettes or “vapes.” Deputy Weber and Mr. Followell will lead the two sessions for male students, while Deputy Cumberland and Mrs. Followell will guide the female students in their sessions.