Senior Farewell: On Endings and Beginnings

The following Senior Farewell was shared by Katelynn Germer at the Ribbon Ceremony May 12, 2018.

Senior Farewell: the Paradox

senior farewell

The cycle of life is somewhat paradoxical in that every beginning leads to an end, and there can be no new beginning unless something else has ended. I have been at the Academy for six years. I’ve grown up here. I’m comfortable here. I’ve learned so much . . . not just about math and science and English, but about myself. I’ve learned what I love and what I’m good at, and maybe more so what I don’t particularly care for and things I should never try again. I’ve met my best friends here.

They say that high school is just as important for social development as it is for the actual knowledge you are meant to retain. But here’s what bothers me. They tell you, “learn how to work together, form bonds, make friends.” Then they say “Okay, now it’s time to leave.” It doesn’t seem fair that due to no one’s decision in particular, I must leave the place and the people that feel like home.

Yet, there’s this other side of the coin that holds our future. That holds the potential for so many more memories. The opportunity to go to college and continue our education. To get a job and make our own success. To get married and have children. To impact somebody else’s life. That is all what lies in our future–and we will soon stand on the first letter of the first line of our next chapter, but right now we stand on the ending period of chapter one.

Senior Farewell: To the Point . . .

senior farewell 2

Okay, I’ve babbled long enough. I’ll make my point. Juniors: first of all, congratulations on making it through this year. I can remember all too clearly the weight of the stress you’ve carried on your shoulders. However, I am pleased to say that senior year is substantially less stressful, and a whole lot more fun–that is, if you let it be. Last summer, me, Rach, Kess, and T made a pact that no matter what, this would be our best year yet, and we held true to it. My senior year has encompassed so many happy memories: some firsts and many, many lasts.

Finally, I’ll say this. Seniors, you’ve done it; your new beginning awaits. Good luck and godspeed to each and every one of you. Juniors, you’re almost to the end, write your concluding paragraph well. We will miss you, but we know you’ll do us proud.

–Katelynn Germer, Class of 2018, Student Body President and Co-Salutatorian