Sabre: It’s Time to Shop at SMA!

sabre sabre2

If you haven’t been by the Sabre Bookstore in a while . . . you haven’t been by the Sabre Bookstore!



Cathy Mitchell, manager, and Alyssa Clutter, assistant manager, have some great new items in stock for students, parents and alumni. As we anticipate the excitement of Homecoming Week, please shop the Sabre for spirit items, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to buttons, pennants, flags and headgear. Alumni will enjoy some of our “vintage” items, like the black-on-grey t-shirt that features our founding date and motto “Ad Viros Faciendos” or the coaster set with a brown bear peering off a ledge.


Sabre: Outerwear to Block Out the Cold!

Parents, since the weather has turned colder, your students may need more layers. One handy item is the mock turtleneck in white with SMBA on the collar. This is an approved item for layering with the Academy polo and creates a long-sleeved option for students. The Sabre also sells a grey zip jacket, a water-proof lined blue jacket, fleece jackets and a green v-neck jacket that are all approved for daily wear, along with the SMA sweatshirt in several colors that students can throw over their polo shirts. (Visit our Uniforms Page for guidelines on which items are part of the SMA daily uniform).


After the school bell rings, students can wear other clothing options, such as the oh-so-soft half-zip Sherpa jacket with a leather patch. Other great long-sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts are on sale at the Sabre, as well as woolen caps, scarves, spirit sleeves and a fuzzy brown bear hat that comes complete with mittens! For the Bear Cub in your family, the Sabre has a section with youth sizes. Two of the newest youth t-shirt arrivals have “I’m the Coolest Bear I Know” and “I’m all about the Purple and Green” across the front.


The Sabre Bookstore is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and is also open at lunch for students to shop. We invite alumni to come by on Saturday, Oct. 26, to shop from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. while you are here for the other alumni events on campus. We also welcome alumni any other time next week if you are in town early for the pep rally and football game.

Sabre Trivia: How Much Do you Know?

Finally, for you Academy trivia buffs, see how much you know about the history of our campus store; here are some questions to test your knowledge (answers are provided below, but don’t cheat!)

  • In the 1940’s, the campus store was called the ______________ and sold school supplies, books and cadet uniforms along with some snacks.
  • In 1961, the school store got a facelift and a new name, chosen as the result of a student contest. What was the winning entry?
  • The name chosen in 1961 did not last long as SMA constructed a new building in 1962 and renamed the store as The Sabre. What other feature was added to the Sabre in that year?
  • In 1964, blue plastic poker chips were introduced as store currency. The dormitories issued these chips as part of the student allowance. What were the chips named?
  • For a short while, the Sabre featured a boutique section for stylish ladies clothes. What was the name of this section?
  • Who served as the Sabre manager from 1984 to 2003? (come on, alumni, you know this!!)

Trivia Answers:

  • The Exchange 2) ‘Cademy Cove 3) Snack Bar  4) Mickey Chips   5) The Pink Sabre  6) Madeline De Long