The Sabre Bookstore is Back and Better Than Ever!

School Updates

Sabre Bookstore: Remodeled after the Flood

In October of 2015, the SMA campus was hit hard with heavy rains and severe flooding. Many departments were affected on campus, two of which were the Sabre Bookstore and Uniform Supply. The damage displaced the bookstore for almost 6 ½ months and left the Uniform Supply Room out of commission for shoppers. During that time, the store was relocated to the Bear Cave which sits adjacent to the cafeteria kitchen. The temporary living space was nick named “The Pocket Knife.”

The move took a lot of heavy lifting and hard work but thanks to the help of many students, a small group of staff and even a couple sweet husbands, the job got done. After renovations were completed at the beginning of April, Cathy Mitchell and Alyssa Clutter began the task of putting the Sabre back together again. Although the flooding caused many problems, it also brought about some blessings. If you visit the Sabre today you will notice it is not the same place it once was. The space offers a homey, spacious environment to shop for all things SMA.

Sabre Bookstore: Did you know?

The Sabre Bookstore doesn’t just sell books and t-shirts. Here are some other items you may not know the Sabre offers: stamps, mailing envelopes, pen refills, pillows, sheets, shower shoes, charging cables, custom Christmas ornaments, SMA charms, and lapel pins.

Did you know that the Sabre also offers a variety of services to students, alumni, and parents? If you need to cheer up a student, send birthday wishes, or send that much needed pick-me-up for finals, we offer balloon bouquets, assorted gifts, and snack bags/boxes. We also love to assist with fund raising for campus organizations such as Student Ambassadors, Cheerleading, JROTC, Band, and Booster Club. We also help collect donations for groups like Samaritan’s Purse, CTMC, School Fuel, and TEEM Haiti.

Last, but not least, The Bookstore Manager, as the SMA Purchasing Agent, is responsible for all campus-wide ordering, which includes the Admissions Office, Business Office, Rec Center, Residence Life, Maintenance Department, and the High School and Middle School.

Sabre Bookstore: What’s New at the Sabre?

We have newly designed stadium seats, which soccer fans will appreciate during the winter months. We also have spirit towels, beautiful new SMA mugs, and water bottles & tumbler cups with lids in all colors.

Show off your bear spirit with our new fishing shirts, dry-fit shirts, grandparent shirts, assorted t-shirts, soccer scarves, baseball caps, tote bags and much more. Also stop by to see our new, larger-than-life-size teddy bear in the window of the store.

And never forget to visit the $5 t-shirt bargain bin before you leave the Sabre. Tie-dyed sweatshirts, originally $37.40, are now only $10. Come while supplies last!Sabre Bookstore:

A Little Bit of History

The bookstore has been part of the Academy campus since the 1940’s. In earlier days, it was called “The Exchange” and “The ‘Cademy Cove.” It was renamed “The Sabre” sometime in the 1960’s. Students gathered often at the store, which also housed a popular snack bar that served soft drinks, hamburgers and French fries.

On the original SMA campus, benches were located outside the store, and students would often hang out there enjoying a coke after school and on the weekends. From the 1960’s until the 1990’s, blue “poker” chips, called “Mickey Chips” were issued to students as part of their allowance. These tokens could only be spent at the Sabre.