Private Boarding School: A Good Choice for Many Reasons

By Harold Compton, Guest Blogger

Why Choose a Private Boarding School?

There are any number of reasons why a parent would be considering sending their son or daughter to a private boarding school, and each case is different. The final decision is generally not an easy one to make; however, there are some things to consider when going through the process.

Reasons for Considering a Private Boarding School

Following are some common reasons expressed by parents looking for a good private boarding school. One or more of them could fit your specific case:

  • Dissatisfaction with the curriculum currently taught in public schools
  • High level of violence or bullying in public schools
  • High level of drug usage in public schools
  • Lack of after school supervision in public schools
  • Old and run down facilities in some districts
  • Lack of or reduction in fine arts programs
  • Lack of cultural diversity
  • Little expectation of individual responsibility
  • Large classes which reduces individual attention
  • Lack of many sports and activities programs

Private Boarding School Solutions

Many private boarding schools offer solutions to the above issues by having new and modern facilities, faculty members with a higher level of advanced degrees, smaller classes, zero tolerance for drugs and violence and many programs and activities that have been cut out of public schools to save money. Private boarding schools are not just focused on teaching so that students can pass some state mandated test, but are genuinely dedicated to educating and developing students who learn to think rather than memorize. Private school teachers are generally not unionized, so tenure of a mediocre or poor teacher is not an issue for a private school. At the end of the school year, ineffective teachers simply do not receive a contract for another year. Likewise, private schools are under no regulation to retain a student who is disruptive or violate rules. The enrollment contract normally contains a clause stating that the student can be dismissed for violating rules. Student populations are predominantly made up of students who want to be there and do well. Finally, private schools provide a high level of supervision for students during times away from the classroom. Public schools, for the most party, provide no supervision after school or on weekends.

Private Boarding Schools Change Lives

Private boarding schools help students develop lifelong friendships. Living together during the week, as well as studying together and spending on activities and sports seven days a week help create bonds that last. Since boarding schools draw a number of international students, the exposure to diverse cultures is another benefit that cannot be measured. Many students have maintained friendships with international students long after they have graduated and returned to their home country.

All in all, attendance at a private boarding school is much more than simply an education. It provides preparation for life by developing more well-rounded adults. When considering a private boarding school, take all of the above into account and make your decision based on what is best for your son or daughter. It is their future that you are ultimately shaping.

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