Middle School Program at SMA Preps Students for Success

A tremendous opportunity exists in the San Marcos Academy Middle School for students who are preparing to succeed in a competitive high school program. The middle school curriculum is created to help students attain their highest potential as they prepare to earn high school credits and look toward graduation. By focusing on study skills, organization, collaboration and team-work, students are given the opportunity to excel and grow in both character and academics. San Marcos Academy has a strong heritage and rich history in preparing students for lifelong successes. The middle school is no exception to this rule.

Middle School: 6th Grade Lays the Foundation

The San Marcos Academy Middle School begins to prepare students as early as the 6th grade. In the 6th grade, students are given a foundation in languages other than English (LOTE). For 11 weeks each, they learn Spanish, then French, and then Latin. With the strength of this foundation, students are better equipped to understand the roots of the English language, offering them better skills and preparation for the SAT and ACT exams, not to mention the strength this builds in their future literature and English courses. Additionally, they begin study in a course called Omnibus. The Omnibus course provides not only a historical background in literature, but it also provides a biblical basis for interpreting classics such as The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Code of Hammurabi through the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. 6th grade is rounded off in the strength of the core academic courses, introducing young learners to middle school and preparing them for moving through the 8th grade.

Middle School: 7th Grade Offers Expanded Opportunities

7th graders continue their studies in their core academic subject areas and expand their study of literature in Omnibus II. Being in this grade level opens up opportunities for students in band and other extracurricular activities. Research has proven the importance of extracurricular activities as they relate to improved academic success. The 7th grade is the heart of the middle school program, where students learn leadership skills and prepare to be the oldest in the program.

Middle School: 8th Grade Serves as the Capstone

8th grade is the capstone of the middle school. 8th graders employ the leadership skills that they have learned in areas like JROTC, student council, athletics and the National Junior Honor Society. This grade level opens opportunities to begin building high school credits through courses like Algebra I, Spanish I, French I and Latin I. Continuity in SMA programs begins in the middle school, so that 8th graders can make a smooth transition into the high school and its college preparatory programs. 8th graders also get the chance to choose new and exciting electives, expanding their opportunities for learning and other experiences where they can focus their talents, abilities and academic passions.

Middle School: Added Benefits to the SMA Program

The added benefit of attending middle school at SMA is the chance to participate in the spirit of the campus. Middle schoolers join the high school in chapel each week where they discover the precepts of scripture as they are applied to life’s journey. Additionally, these students add to the spirit of pep rallies and athletic competitions, both as athletes and as spectators. One of the goals of the middle school program is to build students who will one day be leaders not only at SMA, but also in the world. By attending SMA from middle school through high school, students are better prepared to be the valedictorians and salutatorians of high school graduation and are prepared for a successful college transition. Through strong academic excellence and teaching, these students are prepared to succeed in life and career as they follow the Lord.

–By Brian Guenther, Associate Academic Dean for the Middle School