Middle School Football Coming to SMA in Fall 2016

Athletics Teaches Life-long Skills

As the summer seems to pass quickly, fields and gymnasiums all across Texas are preparing for the arrival of students. Research has proven that school athletics, when combined with academic rigor, provides opportunities for students to grow and mature in responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. These are life-long skills that will help students as they prepare for the workforce and opportunities in higher education. This tremendous opportunity exists not only for high school students at San Marcos Academy, but also for the middle school students.

The middle school athletic program has afforded our students opportunities to compete in volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, tennis, track, and baseball. We are fortunate to have such a strong program for our students and families.

Middle School Football: Teaching the Fundamentals

We are excited to announce that San Marcos Academy is preparing to launch a middle school football program. SMA Athletic Director, Les Davis has worked with Coach Glenn Davis to create a program that will prepare students to compete mentally, physically, and academically. The goal of the middle school football program will be to teach football fundamentals, in such a way, that students will be able to play the sport safely and intelligently. If students learn the fundamentals, the probability of injury decreases. Athletic Director Davis has stated,

“No other sport has so many moving parts that have to come together in order to be successful. Football is a tough, physically demanding game, but it is more than just that. It is also a very cerebral sport that requires more thought processes than any other sport. Football is a contact sport, but each player is equipped with safety gear, and we teach the players how to play the game properly in order to lessen the risk of injury.”

Middle School Football: SMA Staff

Coach Glenn Davis will serve as the Head Coach for the middle school football team assisted by Coach Les Davis. As the summer comes to a close and the season ramps up, you will be receiving more communication from Coaches Davis and Davis. Though some have never played football in the past, this will be a great opportunity to learn the game and add another sport to our middle school athletic program.

–By Dr. Brian Guenther, associate academic dean for middle school