San Marcos Academy, a premier college preparatory school in Texas, challenges all students to the fullest extent of their academic potential. For those students with documented learning differences or other mental health diagnoses, our boarding school is pleased to offer an Accommodated Learning Program.

The ALP consists of several levels of academic support for students with mild to moderate learning differences such as dyslexia or dysgraphia or with general reading comprehension difficulties. Our director and reading specialist will assess grade level reading capabilities, and our experts will read any diagnostic reports provided to determine the level of need.

An additional fee is assessed for the ALP program.


About the Accommodated Learning Program



A student in the accommodated learning program at our college prep school in Texas

ALP Instructors share a common commitment to the education of students with learning differences and a vision for how that education should be accomplished. Through extensive experience working with students with learning differences, ALP instructors have gained an understanding of the basic precursors of academic success. Students must capitalize on personal strengths, recognize and manage personal weaknesses, re-mediate specific academic deficits, develop orderly study habits, and assume ultimate responsibility for their education.


Parents who are interested in the ALP for their student will provide documents with evidence of academic difficulty or learning disability such as grade reports/transcripts, 504 documentation, ARD/IEP minutes, full diagnostic reports and/or interview with the SMA screening committee. All candidates will undergo screening for reading levels.


A student learning in our accommodated learning program

ALP Accommodations and Services

Middle school students working with SMA faculty

Accommodations through the ALP program will consist of strategies such as extended time for completion, highlighted material, chunking of assignments, preferential seating, etc. Accommodations are alterations in the way tasks are presented that allow children with a disability to complete the same assignments as other children. These accommodations do not alter the content of assignments or give students an unfair advantage. In the case of assessments, accommodations do not change what a test measures. They do make it possible for students with learning differences to show what they know without being impeded by their disability.

Services for the Lower School and some Middle School students will consist of one-on-one scheduled pull-out periods with the reading specialist for support in reading, handwriting, and/or support with assessments.

For some Middle and all Upper School students, the support will be provided by the ALP teacher and by core subject teachers during class periods and Monday-Thursday during Bear Time. In all cases, ALP instructors will monitor teacher lesson plans, grades, and testing to determine the need for accommodations and support.


Mrs. Connie Bagley is the Accommodated Learning Program Director. Mrs. Bagley has taught children for a total of 50 years in three states and two countries. She previously served as a specialist for dyslexic students in the San Marcos CISD. Mrs. Bagley was inducted into the National Teacher’s Hall of Fame in 2018 and has received numerous other teaching honors. Mrs. Bagley works primarily with Lower School students and sees some Middle School students on a limited basis.


Mrs. Donna Loyd is the Middle/Upper School ALP instructor. Mrs. Loyd is completing her 17th year at San Marcos Academy and enjoys working one-on-one with students to help them achieve academic success.


ALP director Mrs. Connie Bagley