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Health Center Staff Duties

A student receives a checkup at the health center.

Overseeing Well-Being

Located in Carroll Hall, the Dr. Benge Elliott Student Health Center is staffed by an excellent group of professional nurses who oversee our students’ medical care and well-being. The Health Center staff is charged with the following duties among others:


Scheduling and arranging for boarding students needing immunizations and maintain records


Completing the state mandated immunization report

Emergency Care

Handling emergency / urgent / sickness care as needed and communicating with parents whenever necessary


Dispensing morning and noon medications as needed and notifying parents or pharmacy of refill requests


Scheduling appointments and coordinating transportation of boarding students for off campus appointments


Conducting state mandated screenings, including vision, hearing and scoliosis

Student Care

Assessing and caring for students and assisting with Doctor Call on Tuesday and Thursdays for boarding students as needed

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Health Center Contact Info


(512) 753–8033


7:15 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Headshot of Susan Ledbetter, RN

Susan Ledbetter, RN

Headshot of Gabby Chambers, LVN

Gabby Chambers, LVN

Headshot of Michelle Sanders, LVN

Michelle Sanders, LVN

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Mental Health Counseling


Ms. Shelley Roberts

LPC / Mental Health Counselor

Solution-Focused Therapy

The Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Ms. Shelley Roberts, is responsible for addressing mental health issues on campus. Her office is on the second floor of the Upper School Academic Building (Cavness-Reed Hall). Students may sign up for appointments by visiting the counselor’s office.

The LPC works with students, parents, and physicians in the areas of mental health and therapy, psychopharmacology, behavioral disorders, and personal problems and provides guidance in arranging for psychological testing. This counselor will provide students with brief solution focused therapy as needed. As the resident mental health professional, the LPC will make referrals and provide names of qualified professionals in the San Marcos area to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to coordinate additional mental health services or testing as required.

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