Girls State: SMA Representatives Report on Unforgettable Week

School Updates

Two of our rising seniors at San Marcos Academy were selected as delegates to the 2016 Bluebonnet Girls State camp June 12-18 in Seguin. Abry Solis-Saucedo and Celeste Barrientos represented SMA well at the event, which teaches young women responsible citizenship and love for God and country. Following are their reflections on the busy week as they joined close to 600 other young women from all over the state for this 72nd session, the largest ever held.

Girls State: Abry Solis-Saucedo had this to say:

At Girls State, 600 girls gathered from all over Texas. We formed a mythical state and were divided into cities, counties, and political parties. We sang songs, held debates and elections, and visited the state capitol in Austin. At Girls State, it is impossible not to make a friend.

“It was especially interesting to be among the most intelligent young women in Texas as I bonded with girls from different backgrounds. It was sad to leave the people I interacted and even lived with for a week. Girls State was an experience I could never forget. The camp reminded me that it is truly a blessing to be American, having the rights and opportunities to help our success.”

Girls State: Celeste Barrientos shared these thoughts:

This summer, I had the privilege to attend the 2016 Bluebonnet Girls State camp for a week at Texas Lutheran University. Having heard about the camp from Speech teacher Mrs. Barbara Peters, and former SMA student Kenna Mason, I was excited to get the opportunity to meet girls from around the state of Texas who are highly intelligent and are very involved student-leaders within their schools.

“As soon as I arrived, I was put into a “city” which consisted of about thirty-five other girls, and parties, as well as being a member of the House. Throughout the week, I learned a vast amount of information about our government, the way parliamentary procedure and law functions, as well as how much of a blessing it is to be a citizen of the United States. We had debates daily over worldly issues that America is currently facing, and also spent time campaigning for offices for our girls’ “state.”

“In the midst of working, learning, and singing patriotic songs, I developed numerous friendships and connections with girls who had a lot of similar goals and ambitions like my own. Besides the thrill of winning a County Commissioner’s Office and getting to celebrate with my city, meeting new friends and supporting each other in all that we did was the most memorable part of the week. I have never seen so many powerful voices and the amount of intelligence in a single room like I did when debating at the Texas Capitol, or share such a drive to change our world for the better along with five hundred other girls, than I did at Texas Girls State. I am honored and consider it a blessing to have been a part of the 2016 session, and getting to meet other young women who are leaders of our future, incredibly powerful, and capable of truly anything.”