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Campus Tours

We are extremely proud of our campus and welcome visits on any weekday. A campus tour will allow you to come and check out the facilities, meet some of our faculty and staff, and receive answers to any questions you may have.

Call 512-753-8000 to schedule your appointment.

Representative Visits

We can also send a representative to visit with you personally at a location convenient to your home or office, anywhere in Texas!

Call our office at 512-753-8000 to schedule a visit with one of our representatives.

Admissions Presentations

An admissions rep will be scheduling appointments with families in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas this spring. We encourage you to register for a personal visit through one of the following links or by calling our office (512-753-8000). Houston visits can be scheduled March 30-April 2 and Dallas/Fort Worth appointments can be made for April 27-30.

Information Packet

If you would like us to send you some information about the Academy, please fill out our Contact Form.  Please let us know if you want information through regular mail or email and provide the appropriate contact information on the form.

Our doors are always open to new students

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