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Tap or mouse-over each card to see that staff member’s contact information. If your device allows, you may send an email by tapping the “Send Email” button on the back of each card.

Headshot of Heather Alba

Heather Alba

Business Office Assistant Manager

Headshot of Corey Boyer

Corey Boyer

Director of Admissions

Headshot of Eric Casilas

Eric Casillas

Dean of Student Life

Headshot of Alyssa Clutter

Alyssa Clutter

Retail Services Manager

Headshot of Clay Cozby

Clay Cozby

Assistant Boarding Director

Headshot of Les Davis

Les Davis

Campus Coordinator & Athletic Supervisor

Headshot of Madeline Delong

Madeline DeLong

Director of Alumni Relations

Headshot of Bridget Dollar

Bridget Dollar

Business Office Coordinator

Headshot of Jose Espinoza

Jose Espinoza

Weekend Boarding Director

Headshot of Laura Espinoza

Laura Espinoza

Weekend Boarding Director

Headshot of Clint Followell

Clint Followell

Campus Minister

Headshot of Monica Followell

Monica Followell

Campus Minister

Headshot of Diane Groves

Diane Groves

L.S. Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Christy Guenther

Christy Guenther

Dean of Residential Life / First Lady

Headshot of Shelley Henry

Shelley Henry

Director of Communications

Headshot of Mattie Howard

Mattie Howard

Assistant Director of Admissions

Headshot of Jennifer Jannett

Jennifer Jannett

Academic Registrar

Headshot of Charlene Johnson

Charlene Johnson

Executive Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Michael Kloss

Michael Kloss

Safety Officer

Photo of Susan Ledbetter, RN

Susan Ledbetter

Director of Health Services—RN

Headshot of Martha Lincoln

Martha Lincoln

Business Office Manager,
Human Resources

Headshot of Lisa McCray

Lisa McCray

Admin. Assistant—School Office

Headshot of Matt McNeil

Matt McNeil

Director of Information Technology (IT)

Nickolus Pastrano

Technology Assistant

Headshot of James Portis

James Portis

Weekend Boarding Director

Headshot of Tiffany Portis

Tiffany Portis

Executive Asst. to Admissions & CAO

Headshot of Jean Priem

Jean Priem

Admin. Assistant for Facilities

Headshot of Stephanie Ramirez

Stephanie Ramirez

Boarding Director

Headshot of Michelle Sanders, LVN

Michelle Sanders


Nathan Sitsler

Hays County SRO

Headshot of Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Client Services Technician

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