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Tap or mouse-over each card to see that faculty member’s credentials and contact information. If your device allows, you may send an email by tapping the “Send Email” button on the back of each card.

Headshot of Kayla Abshire

Mrs. Kayla Abshire

Grades 4/5 Science, Social Studies, and LS Tech

Dr. Roxane Allsup

LS Art & Spanish

Headshot of Connie Bagley

Mrs. Connie Bagley

Accommodated Learning Director

Headshot of Janet Barrientos

Mrs. Janet Barrientos

Spanish, Psychology

Headshot of Courtney Baxter

Mrs. Courtney Baxter

Lower School Music

Headshot of June Bond

Mrs. June Bond

MS English/LA, Bible, Keyboarding

Headshot of Vickie Boyer

Mrs. Vickie Boyer

World History, English 4, Government

Headshot of Sherry Christensen

Mrs. Sherry Christensen

Middle School Math, Science

Headshot of Glenn Davis

Mr. Glenn Davis

MS Social Studies / Athletics

Headshot of Les Davis

Mr. Les Davis

Coordinator of Special Programs

Headshot of Paulette Davis

Mrs. Paulette Davis

2nd Grade

Headshot of Nathan Gaskey

Mr. Nathan Gaskey

Latin, English I–H

Headshot of Dr. Brian Guenther

Dr. Brian Guenther

Apologetics (H)

Headshot of Andria Hannum

Mrs. Andria Hannum


Headshot of Michael Hannum

Mr. Michael Hannum

Bible, Theater

Headshot of Jerrell Hein

Mr. Jerrell Hein

Math 1310

Headshot of Tamra Howe

Mrs. Tamra Howe

Assistant Principal

Headshot of Belle Howell

Mrs. Belle Howell

Physics / Mathematics

Headshot of David Jaillite

LTC David Jaillite

Corps of Cadets

Headshot of Randy Leifeste

Mr. Randy Leifeste

Director of Fine Arts

Headshot of Donna Loyd

Mrs. Donna Loyd

ALP Instructor

Headshot of Jeff Loyd

Mr. Jeff Loyd

ISS Supervisor

Headshot of Diana Lucas

Mrs. Diana Lucas


Headshot of Harvey Manning

Mr. Harvey Manning

World Geography, ASL

Headshot of Timothy Mappin

Mr. Timothy Mappin


Headshot of Tina Marbach

Mrs. Tina Marbach

Grades 4/5 ELA

Headshot of Taysha Martin

Ms. Taysha Martin


Headshot of Steven McCray

Mr. Steven McCray

School Principal

Headshot of Lynze Morris

Ms. Lynze Morris

3rd Grade

Headshot of Rebecca Nash

Mrs. Rebecca Nash

1st Grade

Headshot of Terilyn Nash

Mrs. Terilyn Nash

Guidance Counselor

Headshot of Norma Picacio-Jones

Ms. Norma Picacio-Jones

English, ESL

Headshot of James Portis

Mr. James Portis


Headshot of Rick Roberson

Mr. Rick Roberson

History 1301

Headshot of Amanda Robbins

Mrs. Amanda Robbins


Headshot of Carla Roberts

Mrs. Carla Roberts

Lower School PE

Headshot of Eduardo Salinas

Mr. Eduardo Salinas

Business/Tech, Yearbook

Headshot of Ruth Schwartz

Mrs. Ruth Schwartz


Headshot of Patricia Smith

Mrs. Patricia Smith

Grades 4/5 Math

Headshot of Christa Strauss

Mrs. Christa Strauss


Headshot of Toby Wade

Mr. Toby Wade

Economics, POLS 1302, Athletics

Mr. Robert Wright

Math - Stats

Headshot of Karen Wyatt

Mrs. Karen Wyatt


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