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The mission of the Cub Network is to connect families, faculty, and staff to promote active parent involvement for the benefit of Lower School students at San Marcos Academy. The Cub Network is open to any SMA parents, guardians or grandparents who want to be involved.

Any SMA Lower School staff wishing to receive funding assistance may submit a request to Cub Network. Guidelines are included in the form attached on this page. You can complete the request online or print it out and return to any Cub Network officer.

Cub Network officers:

President – Jill Russell
Vice President – Janice Hardaway
Secretary – Meghan Smith
Homeroom Coordinator – Mattie Howard


If you have any questions about Cub Network, please contact us at or call Amy Bawcom at (512) 753-8001. You can also download our parent welcome letter

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