Conditioning Camp: Record Breaking Summer
Athletic Achievements From a Private School in Texas


As the heat of the summer day hit its full effect, a few select young men decided to take their sporting ability to the next level. On June 10 a group of 12 young men embarked on a summer of change in the Academy’s Conditioning Camp. Athletes from multiple grades, sports, and backgrounds showed up to participate and better themselves for the rest of their lives. 

Conditioning: Warming Up

Coach Chase Esmiol began to lead the squad of young men through an interesting warm up that most had never encountered. Foam rolling, static stretching, active stretching, then ending with dynamic movements. After the athletes were placed through some tests to measure their athletic abilities. Little to their and the coaches knowledge, it was the beginning of something special. 

Fast forward to July 26. By this time, a total of 21 SMA athletes had joined Coach Esmiol’s Camp, and on this last day, the results were unheard of. Leading the group were senior Bryce Patterson and junior Gino Dipollino, who both broke school records on the field and in the gym.

Conditioning: Shattering Records

Patterson, weighting in at 165 pounds, not only broke the power clean record, with a lift of 230, but upped his squat max by an astounding 100 pounds. On the field, Bryce also broke the 40 yard dash record with a 4.63 and the 20 yard shuttle or Pro Agility drill record with a time of 4.13 seconds. Let’s put this into perspective. The 2019 combine record for a QB was a 4.05.

Dipollino was away for the first week of camp, but made up in dividends by not missing another training session after that. He was one of the most consistent athletes in attendance, next to freshman Liam Adcock. Dipollino was able to break the school 40-yard dash record with a time of 4.53 seconds to become the fastest SMA athlete on record. Gino also had huge improvements with all of his tested lifts, drills, and even flexibility. 


A number of students also had huge increases on the max rep and speed times. Adcock also improved his squat max by 50 pounds and his bench max by 30 pounds. The work that all the athletes put in this summer to improve themselves has totaled over 300 hours in the weight room and outside on the field. 

Conditioning: Testimonial

“For each of the past four summers, I have participated in many different strength and conditioning programs,” Patterson said. “While they’ve all been challenging, I have never had a preseason pay off like Coach E.’s! This camp made me bigger, stronger, and faster with the best results I could’ve imagined in only two months.” Patterson added, “I had a great time with my teammates who showed up for the camp, and I have never been more ready for a football season.”

Coach Esmiol has been running a summer camp for athletes in the San Marcos area for three years now. “I am beyond proud of each of my athletes that consistently showed up to put in the work,” Esmiol said. “I don’t know about all the other Bear fans out there, but everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled on these athletes or you will miss the great feats they will produce this year.”

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