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ACTABS Central Region Conference


February 14, 2020
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Dr. Brian N. Guenther
President, ACTABS

Welcome to the 2020 ACTABS Central Region Conference

ACTABS is an accreditation organization for more than 40 private, Christian schools in the state of Texas, recognized by TEPSAC (Texas Private School Accrediting Commission), which recognizes 12 accrediting bodies, servicing private schools in Texas. The Association is comprised of three regions, which hold conferences each year.

San Marcos Baptist Academy, a founding member of ACTABS, will host the Central Region Conference on Friday, Feb. 14, on our campus at 2801 Ranch Road 12 in San Marcos. We look forward to hosting fellow Christian educators as we seek to learn from and share ideas with one another.

The theme for our conference is “Discover,” with Jeremiah 33:3 as the key verse: “Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things you do not know.” Our prayer is that as educators we will seek wisdom from God, discovering all that he has to teach us so that we can confidently carry out the work he has called us to do in our schools, homes and churches.

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Keynote Speaker

Darryl DeBoer

Darryl DeBoer

Darryl DeBoer is both a Senior Fellow for the Center of the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) at Dordt University and the K-12 Director of Learning at Surrey Christian Schools. Darryl is the co-creator of a framework called Teaching for Transformation that equips teachers to design learning experiences that invite, nurture and empower students to engage ‘in real work that meets real needs for real people.’

Away from work, Darryl can be found with his wife Jodie on dog walks, driving his three children (Kinley, Rylee, and Taigan) back and forth from various sporting events, and wishing that he was fishing.

In his keynote address, “See the Story–Live the Story,” Mr. DeBoer will discuss how deeper learning is a journey deeper into God’s unfolding story: a story of intimacy and things good and beautiful. It is also a story of rebellion and brokenness: however, this story includes an invitation through the work of the cross to participate, to co-create with our creator, in the restoration of a broken world, in the making of all things new.  Our Christian schools–teachers, students, and curriculum–find their meaning and purpose within this story and we, people of God’s story, have a role to play in this unfolding story.

The deep hope of this opening keynote is that you will leave with a heightened awareness of the stories that shape your school, and an increased desire to design deeper learning that empowers the people of God’s story to play their part within THE STORY.

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Featured Speakers

Sara Espinoza

With 20+ years of experience in both public and private education, Sara has gleaned from some of the best.  She has taught in two languages, four countries, eight grade levels, and ten content areas, and she has had the opportunity to closely observe and influence instructional practices in over fifty schools.

She holds a Masters in Educational Leadership, has served as a school board member, and has eleven years experience as an instructional coach.  She was named as a Gathright Scholar at Texas A&M, was awarded the Michael L. Abbott Scholarship in Education Administration at Texas State, and recently received the Blumberg-Pajak Award from the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision.

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Break-Out Sessions

Schedule for the 2020 ACTABS Regional Conference

Campus Map

Concurrent Sessions: 9:35–10:25

Concurrent Sessions: 10:30–11:20

Concurrent Sessions: 1:05–1:55

Concurrent Sessions: 2:00–2:50

Concurrent Sessions: 2:55–3:45

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Conference participants who complete the training for CRASE will receive certification in that area.


CRASE—Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events

In the past two decades, horrific mass shootings have been thrust into public consciousness. Mitigating the effects of these events is the responsibility of those who serve in our communities’ public safety organizations. The public expects an effective and swift response to these threats. Research has shown, however, that many of the mass attacks, or active attack events, are over before law enforcement responders arrive on the scene.

Civilians who find themselves embroiled in such an event must be prepared to take immediate action to save their own lives before law enforcement arrives. The average response time for police response to an active attack event is three minutes.

Without effective, preplanned response options for civilians at the scene of the attack, many victims can be seriously injured or killed during these three minutes. This course was designed in conjunction with Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) to provide first responders and other professionals with a model response program they can deliver to civilians within their communities.

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