5-Day Boarding: An Option for Austin-San Antonio Families

5-day boarding

Our 5-day boarding option was made available to Academy families starting the fall of 2015. Since then, we have had great success with this 5-day program as a boarding option for families living within a 70-mile radius of our campus. The 5-day boarding option, like the 7-day boarding option, is available to students in grades 6-12.

San Marcos Academy has always offered, and will continue to provide, the traditional, 7-day boarding program that draws students from around the world as well as from other states and from cities throughout Texas. At the same time, we enroll many day students in grades K-12 from San Marcos and other local areas that are not further than 45 miles away (the maximum we allow).

Our 5-day boarding program may be an appealing option for parents who live within a 70-mile radius of the Academy, but who travel often on business and may not be at home consistently during the week. SMA offers a supervised, structured environment where children can attend school and live in the dormitory during the school week, but have the opportunity to return home on the weekends to enjoy time with their parents and siblings. In the 5-day program, families drop off their students at the Academy by 6 p.m. Sunday evenings and pick them up at the end of the day on Friday. This will enable parents to better manage their busy travel and work schedules during the week while also having the family time they desire on the weekends.

International Families Who Commute

Families within the qualifying 70-mile radius would include those as far north as Round Rock or even Georgetown and as far south as San Antonio and its surrounding communities (The Dominion, The Rim, Tapatio Springs, Fair Oaks Ranch, and others). We know of international parents in these areas who drive or fly to other countries, particularly Mexico, to work during the week and return only on the weekends. A 5-day boarding option is ideal for the children in these families who need a place to live and study on weekdays but whose parents want them home on weekends.

The Value of a Boarding School Experience

Some working parents are already paying $20,000-26,000 a year for their students to attend an Austin or San Antonio day school. For about the same price ($25,906), those students can attend San Marcos Academy and have the added benefit of supervision and homework assistance during the week. They would also derive the intangible benefits that a boarding school experience provides, such as learning responsibility, developing time management skills and forming close friendships with students from other parts of the world.

Adding to the appeal of the 5-day program is the option for students to remain on campus during part or all of a weekend when parents are not available to pick them up. An additional fee would be charged for these occasional weekend stays, allowing those students to enjoy the same activities, services and dining privileges offered to full-time boarders.

School Options that Provide Convenience and Peace of Mind

While a 5-day boarding program can certainly help families who live 50-70 miles away, it could also be a problem-solver for those who live closer to San Marcos—or even in San Marcos—but  who just can’t manage the daily commute to campus due to work schedules, business travel, or other conflicts. The convenience and peace of mind of this program can easily justify the additional cost. If you would like more information about our 5-day boarding options or about San Marcos Academy in general, please call the Admissions Office at 512-753-8000 or use this handy Contact Form. We look forward to visiting with you and answering any questions you might have.