San Marcos Academy’s 5-Day Private College Prep Boarding School Now Includes Houston Texas

School Updates

Since 2015, San Marcos Academy has provided a 5-day boarding option for families who live within a 70-mile radius of the campus. Families within the qualifying 70-mile radius would include those as far north as Round Rock or even Georgetown and as far south as San Antonio and its surrounding communities (The Dominion, The Rim, Tapatio Springs, Fair Oaks Ranch, and others). 

A staff member checks in with 2 girls in a dorm common area.


Unique among Texas Christian schools, the 5-day Houston program includes the option for student drivers to commute back and forth from their homes on the weekends or for non-drivers to catch a round-trip SMA shuttle (for an additional fee) that picks up and drops off at the Katy Mills Mall.  Best of all, the 5-day Houston boarding program saves your family money. Our 5-day program cost is 25% less than the 7-day program cost while still including dining hall meals, basic Student Health Center care, access to after-school recreation and athletics, internet access, and other residential life services while students are on campus.

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The 5-day boarding option works well for students who benefit from the structured environment in the residence halls on weekdays (including supervised study and homework time) but enjoy spending time with their family at home on the weekends.  Adding to the appeal of the 5-day program is the option for students to remain on campus during part or all of a weekend when parents are not available to pick them up or when they may prefer to take part in a weekend activity. An additional fee applies for these occasional weekend stays, allowing students to enjoy the same activities, services, and dining privileges offered to full-time boarders.

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Families choose our 5-day boarding program for a variety of reasons. For example, parents who travel often on business and may not be at home consistently can have peace of mind knowing that SMA is providing a supervised, structured environment for their children during the week. When the school week comes to an end, students return home to enjoy time with parents, siblings, and hometown friends. We also know of parents who drive or fly to other countries to work during the week and return home only on the weekends. A 5-day boarding option is ideal for the children in these families as it provides a place for the students to live and study on weekdays while still returning home on weekends. Finally, while a 5-day boarding program can certainly help families who live in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, it could also be a problem-solver for those who live closer to San Marcos—or even in San Marcos—who cannot manage the daily commute to campus due to work schedules, business travel, or other conflicts. The convenience and peace of mind of this program can easily justify the additional cost. 

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Some working parents are already paying $20,000-30,000 a year, or more, for their students to attend an Austin, San Antonio, or Houston day school. For a comparable price, those students can attend San Marcos Academy as 5-day boarders and have the added benefit of supervision and homework assistance during the week. They would also derive the intangible benefits that a college prep school in Texas provides, such as learning responsibility, developing time management skills, and forming close friendships with students from other parts of the world.

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If you would like more information about our 5-day Texas private boarding school options or about San Marcos Academy in general, please call the Admissions Office at 512-753-8000 or use this handy Contact Form. We look forward to visiting with you and answering any questions you might have!